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Ashtray Zap

Nusseen Project
Ashtray 02
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    Brass & Marble
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    Tableware, Brass, Marble, Living, Home Decor
Work Description

We call all our food proof hard stones granite although they have several other technical terms according to their color and density. In Egypt we find dark green, black, white and caramel colored granite stones that can be carved into food safe tableware. The stone is cut with machines due to its hardness and polished by hard brushes leaving the pores of the stone closed and the surface smooth.
Since the Ottoman kingdom, the Egyptian copper handicraft has thrived and developed. The copper is imported to Egypt where it is worked by hand in work shops in Old Cairo. Recently the handicraft is being heavily threatened by the cheaper labor in Asia and readymade products flooding the market. BYHAA's designs focuses on the handmade aspect creating products where the work of the hand is visible.

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