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Salt Table Lamp

Handmade With Salt & Brass
Salt Table Lamp
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    Salt & Brass
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    Lighting, Salt, Tableware, Living, Home Decor
Work Description

In the Qatar depression In the Sahara desert where the sea evaporated millions of years ago, the ancient sea salt is carved out from the underground under layers of mud. After the raw cutting and watering of the salt, the artisans start to shape the salt. In the salt runs lines of caramel colors representing sand storms during the evaporation.
Since the Ottoman kingdom, the Egyptian copper handicraft has thrived and developed. The copper is imported to Egypt where it is worked by hand in work shops in Old Cairo. Recently the handicraft is being heavily threatened by the cheaper labor in Asia and readymade products flooding the market. BYHAA's designs focuses on the handmade aspect creating products where the work of the hand is visible.

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